Decolonizing Yoga & Wellness: Season 2

Learn about the decolonization movement! BIPOC in the industry unpack and unravel what it means to decolonize the industry and move towards an inclusive and diverse mindset.

With the success of season 1 we are coming together with new speakers!

Hear all about:

👌🏾 Creating spaces of depth and inclusion, without spiritual bypassing

👌🏾 Moving through the discomfort around race and bias towards equity and representation

👌🏾 Centering BIPOC and cultural competency

👌🏾 How leaders of color are creating their own spaces for POC to heal and thrive


Channdika Thayver, Maris Degener, Tina Strawn, Myisha T. Hill, Dea Lott, Ryan Warwick, Ash Johns, Amani Murray, Shayla Oulette, Jylani Ma'at, Sheetal Kandola... and more!

Hosted by Constanza Eliana Chinea of Embody Inclusivity

Yoga teachers & studio owners, space holders, wellness enthusiasts, and spiritual entrepreneurs - THIS IS FOR YOU!

This series is live for FREE from March 23-27 2020

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